run-the-evil-fishys.pngHeres a funny pic i made yesterday!


Im over 500!

5031.gifHello! a few days ago i became 500 days old!

now im 503 days old! 🙂

My new hideout

my-hideout.pngThis is my club penguin Hideout, you will normally find me there either on belly slide or sherbet in britan server,

heres a photo!

Remember the key?

Do you remember the key to the door to rockhoppers quarters? well he told me where it is! This is what he said to me:

Arrr! Me key be under Me hat!

 i dont care if you think im lieing, He told me this!

Hi this is me metalmanager

Hi this is me, id just like to say i have been on club penguin for 358 days now 🙂